Toyota Safety Sense

 Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense: Safety at No Extra Cost

Toyota Safety Sense is advanced driver assistance and active safety system offered standard on all Toyota vehicles. Offering different technologies depending on the model, Toyota Safety Sense is designed to guarantee your safety on the road and not only warn you of potential dangers but also prevent accidents.

When it launched, Toyota Safety Sense offered Toyota's Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), and more. Numerous technologies have been added over time.

Here's an overview of the most common Toyota Safety Sense systems offered on new Toyota vehicles.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.0

Introduced on 2018 models, Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 added advanced features to ensure better recognition of potential dangers and to intervene faster to prevent collisions. TSS 2.0 includes:

  • Pre-Collision System with enhanced deceleration capabilities and the ability to help detect a collision with a pedestrian in front of the vehicle during the day and at night, and with bicyclists in front of the vehicle during the day
  • Lane Departure Alert enhanced with "road edge detection" to increase the vehicle's ability to help drivers stay in their lane
  • Lane Tracing Assist provides steering support to help the driver keep the vehicle centred in its lane when Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is in operation
  • Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with enhanced forward recognition and acceleration/deceleration performance across a wide range of speeds. (Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control not available on vehicles equipped with manual transmissions or conventional parking brakes.)

The updates made to Toyota Safety Sense were designed to improve situational awareness for drivers and account for more situations that could be faced on the road.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+

Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ introduced in 2020 takes active safety to a whole new level with even more capability. Technology on the TSS 2.5+ system includes:

  • LPre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection is enhanced with intersection support:
  • At intersections, the system may detect an oncoming vehicle or pedestrian when performing a left-hand turn and may provide audio/visual alerts and automatic braking in certain conditions
  • Additional PCS function includes emergency steering assist, which is designed to stabilize the driver's emergency steering maneuvers within their lane while avoiding a preceding pedestrian
  • Road Sign Assist (RSA)
  • Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)
  • Lane Keeping Technology: Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist (LDA w/ SA), Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), and Sway Warning System
  • Automatic High Beams (AHB)
  • These technologies can be found on a range of new 2021 models including the Toyota Highlander as well as the Toyota Camry. Contact us to learn more!